The Rise of The Young, Again

When I worked with my Dad is marketing there was one phrase he said very often, “the young will eat the old.” It is not as cannibalistic as it sounds, but it basically means that youth are the deciders. You have to appeal to young people if you want to survive.

Some generations of young people are bigger deciders than other. Like the hippies of the sixties. They changed things faster than the generation before them. Why? Because they became united against establishment and the war in Vietnam that was sending young men to a non-sensical war and either killing them or sending them home hooked on drugs. It was the young people who fought the government to end the war. And the government was mostly a group of old white men.

History repeats itself over and over and now we are seeing the rise of the young again, fighting an old white man president and the old white men cronies in the NRA. Why? Because the young people are being killed in their schools.

No one should doubt the power of young people united for a good cause because they are smarter, more vigilant and less beat down than the old farts they are fighting. Trump might be the best thing that has happened to the future of this country because his “old man, I know best, lack of compassion” ways have awakened the rancor in the young people who are calling bullshit on the “thoughts and prayers” politicians who have taken the NRA’s money and sold their souls.

The young people are demanding not just a conversation about change, which the politicians have refused to even try and have, but are saying if you won’t talk about common sense gun control we will change you. I have great hope for the future of the country because young people are now mad and getting involved.

It started with the women’s march. Which was a lot of women who were rightfully mad, but not really organized for just one issue. Now the Parkland shooting was the last straw and gun control is going to drive a lot of change because the youth want to live and they are taking matters into their own hands.

Listening to these high school students speak so articulately about common sense things shows that activism is alive and can change the world. Go on, young people, you eat the old.

One Comment on “The Rise of The Young, Again”

  1. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    51% of millennials do not support capitalism. That might be the future as well.

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