Contradiction Weekend

It’s the start of March Madness. If you are not a college basketball devotee you might have thought that today was just St. Patrick’s day. Yes, it is both of those things. Locally if you aren’t into watching basketball or drinking green beer there were a number of things going on that were clearly planned to attract the rest of the population.

One of those things was a Quilt show at the state fair grounds. Yes, I was planning on watching basketball, but I could fit in going to the quilt show first thing in the morning before the games got started. Russ, begged off going to the show, which was very funny since I wasn’t going to ask him to go. As I drove into the fair grounds I saw a sign for a Cat Show. Certainly, those people don’t care a thing about basketball and thus, this was the perfect weekend for their show. I also saw a sign for Raleigh Comic Con, again, probably not basketball fans.

I have never been to a quilt show, but was not surprised that I ran into my best quilting friend Francis as I was going in. She is big in the quilt world and she introduced me to the Modern quilt guild, which I joined while I was there.

I spend a little time looking at the entires in the juried quilt show. It was no surprise that I was impressed with the skill, but overall most of them did not call me to because they were either too traditional or not my color palette.

What I really went to the show was to look at the vendors. I was able to test out a number of machines I wanted to try and it was a lot easier to test many different brands in one place than going from store to store. I am surprised that just in Raleigh/Cary there are five or six different sewing machine stores. How many people are quilting and how often do they buy a machine?

These things are major investments and not to be undertook lightly, at least for me. I think I have to spend a few years researching any future purchase.

Luckily the quilt show was not that big a time suck so I was able to get home and start the basketball watching, which means needlepointing too. I love March madness. I am not a one school basketball fan. I love a good Cinderella story and am happy to watch teams I have never even heard of. I knew that University Of Maryland had a Baltimore Campus, but had no idea they played any sports until they broke my bracket last night.

Although I am not celebrating St. Patrick’s day in anyway, I am enjoying in partaking in other weekend offerings. I may be a huge nerd going to a quilt show, but at least I did not also go to the cat show or comic con. Sorry feline lovers and super hero worshipers.

2 Comments on “Contradiction Weekend”

  1. Frances Dowelll says:

    You know the next thing we’re going to get you into is English Paper-Piecing, which is handwork. Then you’ll be all-quilting, all the time!

    Great seeing you today–I’ll text about lunch soon! xo

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