Last Night Home

Carter’s break comes to an end tomorrow when she flys back to Boston. It seems like she just got home and now it’s time to do her laundry and send her back. But back is just for a little more than six weeks and then Freshman year will be in the books.

That thing about time flying is so true, except when you are at the doctor’s office, or are a four year old waiting for Christmas. It seems like yesterday that I was crying as we left Carter at the airport to fly off to Berlin for first semester.

I am ever so thankful she has her summer plans all worked out so when she gets home from school she wastes no time getting right to work. When I was in college all my mother used to talk about was, “have you gotten a summer job yet?” She was absolutely right. The worst thing about being a college student is coming home to live with your parents for the summer. You have had all the freedom of college and suddenly you have parents again who want to know where you are going and when you will be home.

Having Carter for break was the perfect amount of time. Long enough to get to catch up, but not too long to really annoy each other. We went out to dinner for her last night even though she said after we made the plans that she wanted a good home cooked meal. That will have to be her brunch before the airport. Dropping her off won’t be as sad since she will be back before my birthday.

Thankfully Russ and I have totally turned Shay into the second baby. The best thing is she won’t go to college and leave us, she will just always be the baby, as will Carter.

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