Smart Not Perfect

I have become way too dependent on my iPhone. I got a new one for Christmas and it has this feature where it automatically puts things on your calendar that are in text messages, or email. This is something I thought I loved, until today.

It was my friend Shelayne’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. As is our custom we planned a lunch out to celebrate with our friend Lynn. The confirmation for the date and time came in a text. My phone logged it in my calendar and once I saw it there I just assumed all the details we correct. Never assume.

I made plans with Lynn to pick her up at 11:30 for a noon lunch. Since I am now her lady in waiting, with her unusable right arm in a cast, we made a stop at the post office to mail a package. Plenty of time for that errand arriving at Thai Cafe right at noon.

After rejecting the first table offered us we settled in a booth and ordered drinks while we waited for Shelayne. After ten minutes I looked at my phone to confirm that we had the right place to meet. On my calendar it all looked right, so I decided to go to my text to see the original source material. Right day, right place, wrong time. Our lunch was at 1:00!

I asked Lynn if she knew that and her reply was, “I am just the B team, I depend on you to tell me where and when.” That is my roll, to get the details right, but I failed.

So we paid for our drinks and went out and drove around looking at houses for 45 minutes. It was actually very fun. We went back to Thai Cafe and Shelayne pulled up right after us. It was a lovely birthday celebration, but without coconut cake so we had no guilt.

Lesson learned, double check the details of the automatic things my phone does. I may lose my standing as member of The A Team if I don’t verify everything.

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