Nothing Better Than Family

I know this is not going to sound right, but boy do I enjoy a Michie Family funeral. My grandmother was one of six girls born to GRB Michie in Charlottesville, Virginia. Five of those six girls had a bunch of children themselves, my father being one of them. Those six girls were bat shit crazy, some were also mean, some we also alcoholics, most were brilliant and funny and were fiercely proud of being Michies.  
Because of all those things the children of those girls were closer than first cousins usually are. They were much more like siblings. Consequently my generation of second cousins are closer than most people are with their second cousins, except for people who live in West Virginia and marry their cousins.
Sadly my father’s generation of Michie girl children have been passing away. This summer Margy Underwood and her husband Oscar both departed within three days of each other. Their daughters had a service in Florida where they lived, but planned on having a memorial in Charlottesville where they were going to be interned.  
So today I drove up so I could have some extra time with my Michie cousins, Margy, Ellen, Mary, Leigh, Sarah, Janie Leigh and Ava. The last time we came to Charlottesville for a Michie memorial service it was a UVA football weekend. Mary and I and our families could only find rooms at the worst motel, not just in C’ville, not just in Virginia, but I reckon in all of America. It was an Econolodge we nicknamed “the chicken motel” because it was more like a chicken coop than a hotel. It was so bad I had to go to the Kmart next door and buy new sheets and pillows.  The amazing thing is it is still in business so I had to take a photo for Carter who still uses it as the barometer of how bad a motel can be.

Thankfully for this memorial Margy and Ellen, whose parents we will be memorializing tomorrow, picked a Doubletree for us to stay at. Tonight six women went to dinner and compared notes on aging as Michie descendants, wondering what was normal and what might be hereditary. Since Janie Leigh was the only non-blood Michie relative with us we tried to use her as our control sample, but she was not much help.
I hate the reason we are together, but I do love a good Michie reunion. We completely understand each other and speak the same language that is foreign to so many others. I am just glad that I did not have to buy my own sheets for this one.

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