Power Lunch

Yesterday I met one of my fellow basketball mothers in the lobby of the opponent’s gym before our girl’s game. “I made a big pot of quinoa on Sunday and sent it in with her for lunch.” She told me. We have a running joke that her daughter plays her best basketball when she has quinoa. If her daughter has a less than stellar game her mother confesses there was no quinoa. Yesterday, was a big win. Tied in the first quarter, up a few points at the half and a blow out of a win by more than twenty points in the final. As my friend was crossing over me in the bleachers after the game I said, “Keep feeding that quinoa.”  
It may have started as a joke, but there might be something to that power lunch. The quinoa provides protein that is satisfying from a hunger point of view as well as supplying power in a more steady manner than just a plain old carb might.  
If I were smarter I would plan all my meals around what my up coming tasks were and not what I was craving. I always eat breakfast before I go work out. I know that I don’t get the most out of my training time if I go on an empty stomach. I usually eat high protein cereal, fruit and milk which provides a balance. That is the only time I think about what I am eating in relationship to what I need to get done.
If I eat carbs in the late afternoon, when I am already having a sinking spell, they will just make me more tired in the long run. Yes, I might get a small spike in energy if I have sugar or caffeine, but the subsequent crash is inevitable. Perhaps what I need is a little cup of quinoa to just take the edge off, and give me a lower fat protein boost. Of course I am not running up and down the basketball court. Hell, I am not running anywhere, but I still could use the boost.  
So I am going to try and keep a little journal of what I eat, when I eat it and how I feel and preform afterwards. Perhaps this will be the incentive I need to eat the right foods at the right time. If I can prove to myself that sugar is ultimately slowing me down perhaps I can steer clear of it. Oh the things I try and tell myself so I do the right thing. If only I had a mother making my lunch with just the right fuel! Oh yeah, I am the mother.

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