Goodbye Charles Osgood

Twenty years ago when Charles Kuralt retired from CBS Sunday Morning I bawled like I was a baby. Watching CBS Sunday morning had long been my tradition. I did not care for CBS news on any other day, but somehow the long format of in depth story telling they did on Sunday morning was addictive.  CBS Sunday Morning is the reason I never could become an early church goer.  It kills me in the summer when our church goes to one ten AM service.  Thank goodness for DVR, but I still hate inturpting the viewing.
Russ quickly joined in my addiction and we would watch the show in bed every Sunday morning. Russ comforted me when Charles Kuralt left and said it all would be fine. Which it was. It took me a little while to warm up to Charles Osgood. It helped that his name was Charles.
The change in anchors did not alter my devotion to the show. I eventually came to love the new Charles as much as the old. Then today he broke my heart, just as the first did and decided at 83 it was time to retire from TV. Twenty years after I shed those tears for the Kuralt departure I found myself doing the same for Mr. Osgood.
Although he is still alive and will be broadcasting on the radio, that is not where I was used to having him. After a show all about Charles they announced that Jane Pauley would be taking over the seat. I have seen her fill in during the summer and I know she will do a good job. But I wonder if I will feel the same way about her as I have about the Charles’. Since people tend to keep this job for decades I think I have some time to grow fond of her. I wonder if I will cry when she retires too?

3 Comments on “Goodbye Charles Osgood”

  1. Kim Crawford says:

    My favorite show and the only one I watch regularly. I am going to miss Charlie—-I was hoping Lee Cowan would be the next anchor. Not a fan of Jane, but I hope the show will remain basically the same—the stories are bigger than the anchor.

  2. Sheppy says:

    I love Charles Osgood too. He lives in my old hometown of Englewood NJ and was a friend of my dad’s. My dad loved telling jokes and had quite a repertoire. He and Charles Osgood did a program at the local “Men’s Club” ( boy is that a throw back!) once a year-Dad did the jokes and Charles played the piano.

  3. Karen Lancaster says:

    Or you and Russ could do something else on Sunday morning……

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