Non-Labor Day

For the record I am married to a work-aholic. Russ loves working. Even when he doesn’t love it he does it. He sleeps very little because there is always more work to be done. There are books to be read, news sites to scan and decks to be written. So getting him to take a day off is something to be celebrated.
Today was the perfect day for no-laboring. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out, but the it was cool. So to keep Russ in the no working zone we took him to the farm with our friends Lynn and Logan and their child, Ellis, better known as sister E in our house.
Sister E and Sister C, with one big dog, drove together in one car and the parents and the two smaller dogs went in another. We were practicing empty nesting for the car ride parts of the day. Shay Shay rode all the way to the from in Russ’ lap as she prefers to do. Having the love of his life sitting adoringly close to him, kept his mind off work.
Once at the farm the girls spent a good hour entertaining my parents with stories about senior challenge so us parents prepped a salad for lunch that we would enjoy later. We put on our swim suits and went and enjoyed a leisurely day by the pool. It was pure relaxation. Russ at one point had two of the three dogs on his lap and he appeared perfectly happy to not be working. I am not saying that he was not thinking about work, since that would mean his brain had shut down completely, but he did not have a computer, tablet or phone on for the better put of a day.
Sadly we had to leave the farm and come back to the real world. Russ is off in another room with at lest two or three devices and a work phone call. So much for his non-labor day. At least he spent the daylight hours work free and I hope that it gave him something of a break.
Hoping you and yours had a labor free day as well.

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