Thank Goodness Michelle Had a Birthday

Four years ago on this weekend Russ and I went to the wedding of the century — That of our friends Michelle and Richard. It was a hot weekend in every way. When I got home I told Carter all about it. She said, “Mom, did you take notes for my wedding?”  
My response was, “Honey, we would have to win the lottery to have a wedding like that.”   
“Did you buy a ticket?”
I never did buy a lottery ticket, but tonight I felt like we won again because we just attended the best fiftieth birthday party for Michelle that anyone has ever had. Richard has been planning this Gatsby themed surprise party for over six months and he pulled it off. Michelle did not know that all her friends were gathered at the Graylyn Estate in Winston Salem, dressed in our flapper best.

The flowers, the decor, the food, the band, the dancing. We did it all like we were in our twenties, not our fifties. I am going to let the photos speak for themselves because I am too exhausted from dancing nonstop for the last two hours and I need to sleep in order to recuperate for the party in the morning.

I am hoping that these leap year celebrations are a trend because Michelle and Richard really know how to throw a party.

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