A Chicken In Every Dog Bowl

Carter snapped this unattractive pic of me when she and I stopped in Costco to buy just one item, a rotisserie chicken for our dog Shay Shay. Yes, it may sound like we spoil our dog, but I want to make the case for our choice of foods.
Shay is a picky eater. Unlike most dogs she does not live to eat. She usually does not beg. If you put her food down, she stays on her bed for a respectable three or four minutes and then gets up to eat. When I say eat, she just eats enough to take the edge off leaving most of her food in her bowl.
Shay does not get purely rotisserie chicken for her meals. The majority of her meal is dry food. She gets just a few shreds of chicken on top which makes her even consider eating the dry food. Without the chicken, or in a pinch a few shreds of cheese, she would never touch the dry food and would rather mope around hungry for days.
This menu came about after many months and dollars of trying different dog foods. Canned dog foods, the types in little plastic bins, frozen, fresh, everyday food we made did not interest her. It was costing us a fortune to figure out what she might eat.
Then one day I brought home a $4.99 chicken from Costco. Shay went mad. I was thrilled. It is cheaper than dog food, smells better than dog food and does not stink up my refrigerator like a half covered half portion of canned dog food. When I get a warm chicken home I leave it on the counter long enough to cool so I can handle it. I put on a pair of disposable rubber gloves and shred every bit of meat off that chicken. I can get two quarts of Shay ready food that will last almost two weeks. One quart goes in the freezer until needed. That makes her chicken portion of her daily food cost only .35 cents so it is much cheaper than dog food.

I see this as an everyone wins situation. I am not grossed out opening a can of smelly dog food that I have no idea what is in it, I don’t need to have a separate dog food can opener and I have the happiest dog on earth. Yes, I do drive to Costco to buy her chicken because their chickens have twice as much meat as the $6.99 Harris Teeter chicken. Usually I am going by a Costco at least once every other week anyway.
So don’t judge me and the horrible picture Carter posted about chicken for my dog. I would do the same for you if you loved me as much as Shay does.

3 Comments on “A Chicken In Every Dog Bowl”

  1. Diane Wade says:

    I agree that the Costco chicken is a REAL DEAL. I buy them all the time. Louis and I get at least three meals off that $4.99 freshly roasted chicken, and love every bite! However, I just have to ask. Why in the world do you have to put on “disposable gloves” to take the meat off? Seriously??!! I just don’t understand, Dana! Guess I’m “old fashioned” and can easily clean a freshly caught fish or debone a cooked chicken without ever, never, thinking of wearing gloves! I was surprised at that statement! Enlighten me please! Hugs….

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    • dana lange says:

      Diane, it is so much easier to pull a chicken apart with gloves on and not have to pick chicken out from under my fingernails when I’m done. I’ll give you some gloves and next time you have a fish cleaning job you try them and then talk to me about it

  2. Kate Taylor says:

    I now have to do the same with Leo – he went from eating anything and everything to be a very picky eater!! I’m going to try the Costco chicken, except I will have to go more than every 2 weeks!

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