Movie Truth

I love movies, but it seems that in the last few years I let ones I think look good get by me and before I know it they are gone from the movie theater and then I just forget about them all together. Russ came home from his 24 hours of flights from Australia where he actually had time to watch movies and told me I had to watch The Intern. Carter and her friend Ellis had seen it when it came out and she told me the same thing. So after dinner Carter and I searched all the various TV outlets and found it for rent on Amazon. We turned off all the lights and snuggled into the big sofa with blankets and watched the movie in even better than the theater comfort.
Yes, it was a great movie. I love Anne Hathaway, and Robert Dinero was the bomb. The supporting cast was fantastic, but the style and art direction of the movie made it. There are a few movies where the look, the clothes the characters wear, the decoration of their homes, the lighting and colors all come together and make me happy. The Diane Keaton movie, As Good As It Gets, is another example of a movie where I just loved the style.
Besides the fact that Robert Dinero plays a practically perfect person in every way, the movie had one little thread that ran through it that I find universally true and hysterical at the same time. Anne Hathaway’s mother, who we never see, is a sleep researcher and in an attempt to get her daughter to take better care of herself she tells her that women who get less than seven hours sleep a night weigh 35% more.
This same bit of information is used by Robert Dinero on another character and she breaks down in a puddle of tears saying, “I’m 24 and I only get five hours sleep a now and now you tell me I am going to get fat.” For all woman kind if you want to have them change something tell them that what they are doing will make them fat. There is no greater fear.
If we want to solve a great world problem, like global warming, just get some scientists to do a study that says people who have a large carbon foot print weigh 50% more than people who have a small one. Or if we wanted to have world peace just get a study to say that people who are war mongers are more likely to gain weight far past their healthy BMI. If we wanted people to stop smoking tell them that it actually makes you gain weight, not the opposite which has been espoused.
It may only be a movie, but I wonder how many women left the seeing it and thought, “I really need to get more sleep.” Just mention that any little thing makes you fat and it is a goner.  Just as a side note, I want Robert Dinero to be my intern too.

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