Sweet Treats for A Good Cause

It seems almost cruel for me to blog about this subject because this is first a diet comedy blog, but this is not a joke, nor is it dietetic, so please indulge me.
This Sunday I get to do my favorite thing, act as auctioneer for a good cause. The youth group at Westminster Presbyterian is holding a soup and grilled cheese lunch with a bake sale and sweet treat auction. It is just in time for any big Super Bowl party you may be invited to.
You know that there is nothing better than a yummy, baked by a southern church going woman. This auction has some wildly decedent items that you would love to get a taste of or, not that you would do this, claim as “homemade” when you went to a party. It would not be a fib, you just might not mention it was not made at your home.
The money is being raised to help young people go on a mission trip and the best part is that mission is to help people right here in Durham.
If you are local to Durham and would like to get in on the action you can certainly show up at Westminster this Sunday around noon. The lunch is only $5 per person. If you might be at your own place of worship, but still want to bid on a cake I would be happy to have someone be your proxy bidder. Just look at the list and let me know your maximum bid. I promise we won’t start at your top dollar amount, so you might get it cheaper. Just remember this is not about getting a deal, but doing good for a good cause. If you win, I will be happy to deliver it to you right after the auction or hold it if you are not home.
Sorry about any mouth watering that is going to happen while you are reading this list.

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake (1)

complete with butter cream icing, decorated with a Valentine theme! 


Carmelitas (4 dozen)

chocolate, creamy caramel, oatmeal goodness
Triple Layer Carrot Cake (1)

cream cheese frosting on this delicious layered cake
Chocolate Eclairs (2 sets of 4)

filled with traditional crème patisserie and topped with chocolate ganache
Cakes-To-Go (3)

three different cakes made to order by 

Helen Harrison: Jewish Apple Cake, Chocolate Poke Cake with Peppermint Icing, and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


Gluten-Free Monster Cookies (2 dozen)

two dozen chocolate chips, m&m’s and peanut butter


Salted Chocolate Chip + Triple Chocolate Cookies (4 dozen total)

two dozen chocolate + salt = yummmmy!

two dozen chocolate + chocolate + chocolate = yum³


New York Style Cheesecake (1)

for all Lindy’s cheesecake fans!  
Super Bowl Cupcakes (dozen)

a dozen vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing decorated in Panthers and Bronco colors
Chocolate Football Cupcakes (dozen) 

a dozen with chocolate buttercream icing decorated to look like footballs
Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding (tray)

a modern rendition of the classic, southern treat featuring layers of sliced banana, chessmen cookies and vanilla cream cheese pudding


Southern-Style Poundcakes (3 – 2 vanilla, 1 chocolate)

traditional deliciousness in a variety of flavors
Kentucky Derby Pie (1)

a smooth chess-like filling laced with

 chocolate chips and toasted pecans

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