Her People


Looking at colleges has been hard since for the most part Carter’s response to the few places we have seen has been, “not my people.” Her idea that she needs to leave the south for a change of venue has drawn us to Boston to try and find Carter’s people. The funniest thing about Carter’s people is that she wants them to all be different, so diversity is at the top of her list.
Well Boston certainly has provided the diversity she has been craving. Hooray! As we toured a school this morning he saw every type of face and Carter felt happy about that. Russ heard good things about the academic program and I just felt relief that their was at least one school on the “I like it list.”
Since we are at the beginning of the search I had no guilt about not spending the afternoon looking at any schools and instead going to the North End for lunch in hopes of getting to eat at Neptune Oyster. A three hour wait was the greeting we received so we opted for an Italian place and made plans to go back to Neptune tomorrow and get in line before they open.
With the change from seafood to Italian I had to add guilt back into my day since I shared a pizza with Russ. To overcome that guilt Russ and I decided to walk back to our hotel near Fenway, which was a good two plus mile walk, still not enough to walk off the pizza, but better than not walking it.  
Carter took the T back to the hotel so she could do homework, now more enthusiastic about grades since she has at least one school on her list. This meant that Russ and I could shop a little on our walk, add more guilt to the day. Our first stop was Allen Edmonds, the only shoe manufacturer on earth that makes shoes in Russ’ weird size of 14aaa. Even though Allen Edmonds makes a couple of models in his size they don’t normally stock them in the stores, and he usually never gets them on sale. But today was his lucky day in that the manager ordered him his very special size, but also gave him the sale price.
We continued our walk to the needlepoint store and I got a cute ornament canvas of the ducks at Boston Common with little Santa hats on. Russ was a good egg and sat patiently in the husband chair while I looked at canvases. Only a little guilt since I got a “Boston” canvas and not one I could get just anywhere.
Last stop was the Marimeko store which has been a favorite brand of mine since the sixties. Talk about not changing, but I still love it. Back at the hotel for a little rest before heading out to Cambridge for some Korean food. Carter’s favorite kind of diversity extends not just from friends but also to food. I wonder how much guilt dinner will entail?  

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