A New Way to Get Steps, at Least For Us


Russ and I took Carter on the first college tour the three of us have gone on together. Carter had already visited one college without us, but it was not the place she thought was a good fit for her.  
Since Carter had off of school today a I planned a visit at a local college just so we could “practice” looking at colleges. I think that it is going to be a very long year of trying to find the place where Carter feels like she has found her people. There are so many variables in the college search. Does a school offer a course of study you are interested in; do you know what you are interested in; is it in the kind of setting you are looking for; is it the right size; do you stand a chance to get in; is it as liberal or conservative as you want and after you figure all those things out are the students your kind of people.
The hardest part of the whole thing is finding the time to visit schools when there are actually students there taking classes. How will you ever know if you have found the right place if you don’t meet the people?
Today as we walked a campus behind a perky tour guide I thought about how we have spent our whole parenthood saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but found that was exactly what we were doing on our visit. Carter looked at the kids and judged, do they look like the kind of people I want to go to school with. Fields of study, even size of dorm rooms did not make a bit of difference, just the look of the students. Now I’m not saying one way or another what she thought, but when a six foot ten inch guy came out of the basketball office Carter did seem more interested. We are not judging schools by how many boys are taller than Carter.
What I do see in our future is a lot of eating pizza at college hang outs and getting our daily steps the slow way while we follow a backward walking tour guide. I am going to try and keep an open mind and actually pay attention on tours, but I bet we could figure out before the tour even starts if Carter has found her people. I hope they are tall.

2 Comments on “A New Way to Get Steps, at Least For Us”

  1. Demetra says:

    Hoping a trip to Williamsburg is in your futures….Let us know.

  2. Treat says:

    I sincerely hope she gives Smith College a look! (Victoria Muradi is a Smithie…just sayin’…). xoxo T

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