Spiral Cut Food

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In the world of food “sprialized” is a hot commodity. If you have no idea what I am talking about it is the fashionable way to cut things like zucchini or carrots into ribbons or spaghetti shapes. The idea of cutting vegetables into ribbons got hot when the Atkins diet came back since people wanted to find “pasta” replacements. Amazingly the brain can almost be fooled into thinking you are eating pasta if you cut a squash into long thin strips and cover it with sauce. The shapes and sizes you cut food into actually does have an effect on how it tastes in your mouth.


Knowing that I have a large number of squash plants in my garden I decided I needed to see if I like “Spiralized” food. I did not want to invest in another large gadget so when I saw this small hand spiral cutter I thought I would give it a go. The long and the short of it is I liked the way the ribboned food tasted in the salad I made, but the gadget I got leaves a lot to be desired.


First it is dangerous because the very sharp blades are fairly exposed. Second, I could only spiral about ¾ of any given vegetable because when it got too short I could not turn it in the contraption without cutting myself. Third, I had no control over the size of the ribbons and some were too thin. All that being said the salad I made using the gadget was delicious and I could tell a difference in the taste between the zucchini I “Spiraled” and the bits I cut up with a knife. The bottom line I might want to invest in a real spiral machine.


Asian Spiral Salad




5 packets of Splenda

¼ cup of Mirin

¼ cup of fish sauce

¼ cup of line juice

1 tiny hot green pepper diced as small as possible



3 Zucchini – Spiral Cut

1 Carrot- Spiral cut

1 bag of angel hair cabbage

1 avocado cubed

2 ears of corn- cooked and cut off the cob

1 giant handful of cilantro chopped

3 cooked chicken thighs chopped

¼ c. of slated peanuts- chopped


Mix it all together and it is a mighty fine meal.

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