Is Vegan the Answer?



Proof that Beyoncé is a brilliant marketing machine came out today with the announcement of the Beyoncé Vegan meal delivery service. For just over $600 you can get home delivery of a 21-day vegan meal plan. The unspoken message is “If you want a body like Beyoncé’s go vegan.” Bill Clinton the once chubby president is now also a vegan and a mere shadow of himself.


If I were only interested in being thin I would consider becoming a vegan, but since I am more interested in being happy I must have a life that includes cheese. Also the fact that I am an off the scale extrovert and enjoy the company of other live humans I need to keep my consumption of beans in check or risk not having another friend.


Using beautiful celebrities to sell things is not new, but I doubt that anyone thinks they are going to look like Cindy Crawford or Sofia Vergara if they buy their furniture at Rooms To Go. I am sure there are plenty of bootlicious wanting thick waisted women who will fall for the idea that they can look like Beyoncé if they eat like her. The part of the equation that is missing is her personal trainer, well equipped gym, personal assistant to do all her errands, nanny to care for her child, and well documented work ethic that allow her to spend hours working out as well as her blessed genetic make-up.


So go vegan if that appeals to you, but don’t do it expecting to look like Beyoncé. Plenty of the vegans I know are no thinner than they were when they ate meat. Potato chips are vegan after all.

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