Almost Made The Whole Season Without a Twisted Ankle, Almost



Carter really get’s her tuition’s worth of tape at basketball. She gets her ankles that have been rolled multiple times taped daily. Her shin splint calves tightly wrapped and her past torn meniscus and patella tendentious knees secured with tape. With all this precautionary taping as well as sonic treatments and ice and heat she has been able to stay relatively injury free during the whole long basketball season.


With Cha’Mia having an accident in a game last week, Nicole still recovering from her major knee blow out, Kenan’s leg still braced to within an inch of her life and Allyssa recovering from a concussion the team was down to six players. Last night they faced a crazy tough opponent and did not fare well. Carter was despondent, but determined for the team to rally and show the coach what they had in them.


With a back-to -back game tonight this was the six-girl team’s chance to prove they had real heart for basketball. Every player was important and was playing at top notch. The team quickly got out to a 13-2 lead in the first quarter. They were communicating, defending big and hit a majority of their baskets. Carter was getting more play time than ever and was rebounding and stopping the ball from going in the opponent’s basket.


The team was hot. The coach was happy. It was 30-10 right before the end of the half and it happened, Carter rolled her ankle and went down. I saw her do it. I knew her pain. The trainer came out with Carter’s coach and eventually she got off the court to the side for ice and a sprained ankle declaration, even with all that tape.


This meant that the last standing five players, Liz, Izzy, Erin, Serena and Imani had to finish out the game without a rest or fouling out. They held on and won the game something like 47 -22. Their heart showed big. Now it’s time for Carter to ice and keep that leg up high so it can heal in time for Friday’s game. At least Grace will play up from JV that game so they can have another player.


Congratulations girls. You fought hard. You are a team, a great one.

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