Summer’s Almost Over Peach ‘Faux” Shake



I love fresh peach ice cream. It is one of the summer treats I let myself taste once during the season, except not this year. I splurged on other things so I had to hold back on a few regulars, and peach ice cream was it. As the summer peach season is coming to a close I find I am craving that treat so I took one of the two ripe peaches I have left and tried to make a healthy version of a milkshake to curb my ice cream desire. Of course it’s not the same in the creaminess department, but it was still good in the peachy arena.


1 peeled and sliced ripe peach

1 cup of milk

2 Splenda packets

Splash of almond extract.


I froze the peaches after slicing them. Then I put the milk, Splenda and almond extract in a metal container and put that in the freezer for thirty minutes. I added the frozen peaches to the milk container with a half-cup of crushed ice and using the stick blender whirled the whole thing up.   It was cold, peachy and probably will hold my peach ice cream craving at bay until next summer.

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