The Sad End


Today is our final day at Medomak camp.  Last week the weather forecast rain for almost everyday we were here, but thankfully Weather Bug was wrong, wrong and more wrong.  Our only rain was one fast moving big storm on Wednesday when we were in the car heading back to camp after our Camden Hills hike and yummy lunch at Fresh in town and a little soothing rain at night on the cabin roof.

It has been Mainefully-wear-a-sweatshirt cool with patches of hot enough to swim in the warm lake waters.  I have participated in just enough activities to feel like I got my campfull, but also did my own thing often enough that I felt like I was on vacation.  I did not stress about Russ working everyday or about Carter lying on her bed watching YouTube rather than joining in any group activity.

I barely exercised other than land sports playing and the amount of walking it took to go from our cabin to the dining hall or the waterfront, but am thankful we had the farthest cabin from both.  I got to know some wonderful people from Germany, England, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon and Maryland. I felt no guilt that I skipped campfire most nights given that neither my child nor my husband would go.  I played games with many people who did not complain if I beat them, but were worthy opponents who I felt no shame to lose to. I ate the good cookies and skipped the not as good tasting desserts without too much worry.  Next week will be the piper paying come to Jesus time for that.

Tonight is the final campfire which I will attend to compete in the camp wide Hiku-off and talent competition.  Since camp is filled with many children this week I have to find a fairly tame story to tell as my talent.  This is difficult since most of my best stories are not PG rated.  I can’t tell the why-I-don’t-drink-anymore, or the Saskatoon story.  I guess I can cleanup Carter’s birth story enough to make if funny for grown ups and go over kid’s heads just fine.

So farewell to camp and Maine and summer as I have come to know it.  Tomorrow Carter and I drop Russ off at the airport and make the drive home.  Real life, responsibilities, discipline, and regularity are what’s ahead.  Sad face.

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