Wood Fire Cooked Breakfast Has No Calories




Riding in Safari vehicles six hours a day is no real exercise. Add to that the issue of staying in a camp in the middle of the timbavati game preserve with no fences around camp and I just don’t get enough opportunity to walk any distance. Now I don’t have a scale so I have no idea the amount of damage I am possibly doing. Try as I may I am certainly not eating like I do at home.

One reason is the lack of High Protein Special K in South Africa. That being the case I am forced to eat the cooked breakfast provided me. Add to that I am eating three hours after I got up after being out on Safari in the cold searching for animals to photograph so I am hungry when breakfast comes.

At out current camp they serve breakfast at a bush camp down the dry river bed from the main camp. We arrived at breakfast this morning to a beautiful spread of fresh fruits and yogurt, cheeses, cereals and other cold items along with the hot foods cooked on the grill, eggs, sausages, baby marrow which is like zucchini, sweet potatoes and bread toasted over the flames. I was hungry and succumb to the enticing hot foods. There is nothing like wood smoked scrambled eggs and smokey toast with local honey.

After breakfast our guide, Foreman, offered to escort us with his loaded rifle for a walk down the river bed back to camp. At last a chance to walk! It was no power walk because Foreman took the opportunity to teach Russ and myself what all the tracks were as well as giving us a poop identification lesson. My too favorite tracks were the monkey tracks because they were not just foot prints, but a dragging tail line along with feet and the giant owls tracks where we saw where he landed, walked a few steps with giant talons and took off again.

After our return to camp and a good hot shower in out outdoor shower I joined Russ at the pool since the day had warmed up about 30 degrees. As I sat on a chaise lounge four warthogs came up on the grass by the pool to join us. I think I should have joined them in grazing on grass rather than going to lunch. This life is going to catch up with me, but at least I won’t know it until I get home.

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