Too Many Hot Dogs



Carter is at camp and we are leaving for Africa so I wrote a few letters to Carter that my friend Christy is going to mail every couple of days so that Carter does not go forever without and real mail at camp. Writing letters to camp is hard enough when not that much is going on at home, but writing in advance is next to impossible. Maybe I could have predicted what might go on in the world, but I decided that was just too weird, even for me, a person who writes something weird everyday.


Instead I decided to pull out the book I made for Carter with all the great quotes she said when she was two and three. I guess I was smart enough then to write the wonderful things she said down to share with Russ, who was on the road a lot. I’m glad I did because as far as I’m concerned two and three are when kids say the best stuff.


Apparently hot dogs played a major role in Carter’s life as is evident in these two little stories:

In November our Ukrainian babysitter said, “I gave Carter two sausages for lunch.” Carter interjected, “you mean hot dogs.”


“In my country they are called sausages.”


Carter replies, “God says, in our country they are called hot dogs.”


Following along the same theme:


A babysitter says to Carter, “I have a little tummy ache.”


Carter says, “O.K., I am a doctor. What did you eat for lunch?”


“A hot dog and fries.”


“Well, a hot dog is O.K., but you need to ask your Mommy before you eat French fries. That will be $500 please.”


Based on the obvious large hot dog consumption in our house back then Carter said the following to me one day:


“My heart takes good care of me. And I say, ‘Good Luck!’”


Good luck indeed. Thank goodness we hardly ever have a hot dog around anymore.


One of my very favorite things Carter ever said was a month before her third birthday:


“It is so great in my world, when the sun is up or the sun is down.”


I hope it is great in your world. Don’t eat too many hot dogs and if you want fries, please save yourself $500 and ask your Mommy first.

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