I Need a Good Binge



As a former fat person the word binge was not one I wanted to be associated with. For most of my life binging meant eating too much, way too much. Although I was really over weight for a while, binging was not how I got there. I was a much more steady eater.


Now as a thinner person I am happy to admit that I am a binger, but not when it comes to eating. I am a binge watcher — that is a person who watches all the episodes of one TV show at once, maybe not in the same day, but in a short period of time and definitely not interrupted by any other shows.


This binging started last year when “Orange is the new black” was first released. I had heard Jason Biggs being interviewed on NPR about the show so I found it on Netflix the day it debuted and I watched all thirteen episodes in about four days. If you have never heard of or seen “Orange” then you might have been in a women’s prison in a country without cable.


That first binge watch led to my watching all seven seasons of “Breaking Bad” in binge mode. Between Orange and Breaking I was beginning to think I was the only honest person on earth. I followed Breaking with “House of cards” both seasons and that did nothing to restore my faith in human kind, but still I was addicted.


I lay off binge watching for a good six months hoping to cleanse my soul, then the second season of “Orange” came out and I was hooked all over again. Getting my steps was never so easy because I could walk while Crazy Eyes was following Vee around.


The problem with binge watching is the let down when I finish a series is too great. Nothing fills the void unless there is a new series to overtake my brain. Regular TV does not suffice. Waiting a week to follow a story is too slow. I could DVR a series and watch the whole thing once it has aired, but that would take more storage space than I have. I really don’t like reruns no matter how much I liked the show the first time with the exception of “Seinfeld” and “I love Lucy.” But comedy is not a great walking distraction.


So now I’m walking to Jeopardy and the tension is just not there like “House of Cards.” Each step seems slower, every mile takes longer. I’m craving a really good show to binge on. I need it for my exercise. Yeah, that’s the reason.

11 Comments on “I Need a Good Binge”

  1. Suzanne Worden says:

    Can’t wait to see your replies. We’re at a loss after we binged on HOC. Oh! 24 Live another Day is a good, cheap substitute. FYI – Grace likes Scandal. Have you watched “Friday Night Lights”? My personal fav show…

  2. Maddie Empey says:

    I’m such a binger! But the let down when it’s over is like the crash after a chocolate high. I haven’t started season 2 of Orange but I’m sure I’ll be out of commission for a few days!

  3. Cyndy jones says:

    Definitely try Friday night lights and scandal. Love them both!!

  4. Nancy McGuffin says:

    Try The Wire- 5 seasons to binge on!

  5. Deanna Larus says:

    Friday Night Lights! Suits!

  6. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Scandal is good. If you like Downtown Abbey, try Call the Midwife or Foyle’s War.

  7. Mary Kendall says:

    I know you have eclectic taste so here are a few mystery series that are all very different from the others: an Australian series I loved is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Netflix); Lilyhammer (with Stevie van zandt) also on Netflix–2 seasons; The Spiral is in French with a gorgeous lead man, lol (Netflix); The Fall, also a gorgeous lead but in this one he is a serial killer (Netflix). If you ever watched Inspector Morse, then there is also Inspector Lewis as well as Endeavor (with Morse as a beginning detective). Binge watching is especially fun in summer, isn’t it?

  8. Frances Dowell says:

    I second “The Wire,” if you haven’t watched it yet. One of the greatest shows ever. I’m binging on “The West Wing” right now–for the third time, I think. I like watching shows I’ve seen before while I’m working on quilts; that way it doesn’t matter if I miss dialogue when I’m at the machine.

  9. Janet del Valle says:

    I have friends how love Nurse Jackie. And they have watched all the shows you’ve mentioned here. It started in 2009, so it could provide many episodes.

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