The Second Biggest Day of Eating



Yes, the Super Bowl in officially the second biggest day of eating after Thanksgiving, but it certainly has to be the first day of eating bad for you food.  At least on Thanksgiving you have vegetables and turkey, not so much today.


I am going to be so glad when this day passes so I can stop getting e-mails from cooking websites about “the world’s best chicken wings” and “super special Chili.”  I don’t normally care a thing about chips, but if I watch one more advertisement for Queso dip I am going to devour a whole bag of Tostitos.


Luckily we are going to our friend’s Michelle and Richard’s house and I have been told there will be a salad there.  I was racking my brain about what I did last Super bowl so I went to the blog archives and was reminded that I spent last year in New Orleans with my sisters and my Dad.  That was a whole weekend of eating fest so the Super Bowl part was low key since we ordered room service and watched the game in my sister’s hotel suite.


I have spent the day walking at my treadmill desk in preparation for the sitting part of the evening.  My plan is to needlepoint through the whole game.  I am very particular about not getting any crumbs on my projects as I stitch them so that will prevent me from reaching for any finger food.


The good news about going to friend’s house for the game is they have been very supportive of my whole weight loss journey so they will not push any food on me.  I hope that for those of you who have been working off your holiday pounds that you don’t do any damage today.


The worst thing about big eating occasions is not so much the one event, but it is getting back on the wagon tomorrow.  If you can avoid over doing it tonight it will make eating healthy the next few days that much easier.


Good Luck to your team and rather than enjoying every food available watch the advertisements, they are the real stars of the day and they are calorie free.

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