Don’t Give Your Money to The Government



Today is one of my favorite days when Russ and I talk about our charitable giving for the year-end.  This year Carter got in on the conversation too.  She said she thought it would be cool to be like Bill Gates and get to spend our time making big difference with big time giving.  I told her that it’s not just big givers who make a difference, but if lots of people just gave a little it really star add up.


Everyone who knows me knows that the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC is the cause I am most passionate about.  The Food Bank is one of those charities that gets the majority of its gifts from people making small contributions.  I am always touched when I am manning a collection point for a food and funds drive by the people who come up and press a twenty dollar bill in my hand and say, “I wish it could be more, but I am very thankful for the help I got from the Food Bank myself.”

For that person for whom $20 is a lot of money giving it back to the Food Bank as thanks really chokes me up.


As it is for most Charities December is the most important month in our year.  We depend on the year-end donations to make up a huge percentage of our budget.  We have a Charity Navigator Four star rating because we are very efficient with the money we are given because we always try and keep those small donors who dig so deep to support us at the forefront of our minds.  The problem is that even though we have grown every year in the amount of food, 52 million pounds last year, we are providing to the hungry in 34 counties in NC the need keeps out pacing us.


There is only one day left to give your money to a worthy cause to help save yourself from giving it to the government in taxes if you don’t.  I hope that you have a little bit more than you needed this year and that you do not have to depend on organizations like the Food Bank for your most basic needs.  If you want to have some fun give some money away in the next twenty-four hours.


If you chose to give it to the Food Bank you can just click here to make a donation online easy as pie.  Know that for every dollar you give the Food Bank can turn it into ten dollars worth of food.  That kind of multiplier is hard to beat.


Even if you don’t give to the Food Bank I hope that you can get some joy out of giving to something you are passionate about.  You may never know the people you impact, be it students at a school you support or musicians at the Symphony or a homeless family who gets a home through Habitat, but if everyone who has a little something extra gives a little it all adds up to making our community a better place.


Bless you and your family this holiday season and know that I am thankful for you all.

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