Holiday Party Explosions



I love to entertain which is no secret to anyone, but I really blow it out at the Holidays.  I think that I use my ridiculously decorated house as an excuse to have yet another party.  The Christmas is only thrown up for a month a year so how many people can I get into my house to enjoy it?  It’s not like I run a Christmas house tour or something, but I love to have friends come and sit at my table and eat, laugh and tell stories.


This obsession with entertaining started early.  I remember cooking a dinner for my friends and our dates before a cotillion dance in 8th grade.  In college I made a full meal in my freshman dorm before a sorority dance for three couples.  Even though I was able to make chicken in my toaster oven and fettuccini Alfredo in a hot pot I did not have the space to serve it the way I wanted.  All five guests and myself had to sit on the floor around my trunk, which served as a table.  Not the most comfortable for the girls in our dresses.


In my later years in college throwing parties got easier because I lived in a great house off campus that had a real dining room and kitchen.  I remember Hugh Braithwaite loved my crab dip so much that when I ran out of crackers he used my dog Beau’s Kibble and Bit’s to scoop up the cheesy hot dip.


Now my dining room is set and ready for guests and having enough food does not seem to be a problem.  The dilemma now is there are not enough days to have all the friends I want to come sit.  Regular life gets in the way of Christmas merriment.


I don’t care about shopping or gifts.  I just want the company of good friends, a yummy meal and lots of laughter to celebrate the season.

One Comment on “Holiday Party Explosions”

  1. mary says:

    that sounds like a real Christmas!

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