A Peck of Unpickled Peppers

When I was a kid I knew the nursery rhyme about Peter picking a peck of pickled peppers long before I knew what a peck, pickling or a pepper was. It seemed like a very mysterious thing that Peter was doing.  The part that was most confusing was that he could pick something that was pickled already.


My summer garden is all picked as of today and I think I must have at least a peck of peppers and now I need to pickle them or at least do some kind of preserving.  Of course with Carter showing at the state fair horse show this weekend I don’t have a ton of time to pickle or make pepper jelly.  I hope that the peppers will keep another few days so I can at least chop some up and put them in vinegar with a little sugar and salt.  Russ likes to eat those hot peppers that way and I have less guilt that we are using the bounty of our harvest.


I did make a quick pot of ratatouille with the last of my eggplant and a few of the sweeter peppers and the end of my basil.  At least Russ and I will have a healthier meal at home than we would have if we were still at the fair with our RV living horse riding child.


For all my Durham friends if you want a few peppers send me a message and I can leave you a little package at my front door.  You will have to take them in the raw form and pickle them, or sauté, fry, roast or cook them yourself.  The good news is they hardly have any calories and they produce a ton of flavor.

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