A Winning Day

Lobsta’, lobsta, scallop, scallop, laugh, laugh, what a day. Somedays are perfect. Today was as close as it gets. Russ made it to Clam Cove at 2:30 in the morning so I finally could sleep soundly once I had him safe and sound with us in Maine. We awoke to a big breakfast Warren had made us which we enjoyed at the HoJo’s counter. I had to withhold from the sausage, and zucchini bread because I knew what the day ahead held.

Off to Camden we went to spend two hours sailing on the schooner Surprise. The heat wave did not exist on the water and we talked and laughed as we skimmed by the beautiful shoreline. Before we knew it we were back at the dock. We headed home to to have lunch but stopped at Renys, Maine’s Department Store to get some discount shampoo and lotion and cheep led head lamps for camp. I bought three of them and true to form only two work, exactly what I thought for a $2.99 flash light.

At home I made lobster salad from our leftover lobsters from last night, whoever heard of leftover lobster. Thank goodness Carter decided that eating something she met as alive fifteen minutes before dinner made her dislike eating lobster. Warren made Carter his world famous tuna melt and he had turkey so that left all the lobster salad for me and Russ. The day just kept getting better.

Nothing says vacation like a nap so both Carter and I retired to our rooms to sleep during the heat of the day. We awoke to take a ride in Warren’s model A. Jay, Warren’s son, drove us around while Carter and I sat in rumble seat. Watching me climb up the side of the car and try and wedge myself into the back was not a pretty picture, but the ride was fun.

The big treat of an already wonderful day was a dinner out at Primo, Maine’s best restaurant. They have a huge garden and farm of pigs and chickens to source their ingredients from. We started the meal with goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms something I love but hate to sacrifice my future squash to make from my garden. I had a scallop, shrimp and clam appetizer that was worth every calorie followed by a scallop and Meyer lemon main dish. I had to give one to Russ because he had also wanted to order the same thing, but in the name of trying different dishes he had fish. Of course the scallops were the better choice. It was hard to argue with any of them and they all were worth every bite. If you are ever coming to the mid coast of Maine make a reservation months in advance if you can get one.

Instead of an expensive dessert we stopped by Doremans the best ice cream around. I said I did not want any which we all know is a lie. They have a ginger chip ice cream that is about the most fabulous and unique flavor that only they can make. Russ ordered that even though it was not what he wanted so despite my ice cream refusal I had a good number of bites. Oh vacation. Sometimes it’s worth letting go a tiny bit.

Back on the front porch on Clam Cove the heat wave has broken and I am almost chilly. As soon as I post this blog a board game competition will break out. Warren can’t remember what game we played last time, just that I beat everyone. I’m letting everyone else pick the game tonight. I can play anything and after the wonderful day we have had it does not even matter if I win.



One Comment on “A Winning Day”

  1. janet says:

    Sounds like a great start….I hope you have a wonderful time…big hug…..sista j

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