Birthday Over Indulgence



Thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes.  Facebook has certainly changed birthdays, but still celebrating with real live friends is the way to go.  I wish that I had remembered that is was the friends and not the food that make the party great.  Last night I paid for my eat-whatever-I-want-it’s-my-birthday attitude yesterday.


After almost a year of considered choices I let myself eat whatever I wanted all day.  Funny thing is that I ate my regular Special K high protein cereal with black berries like I do every morning and I was happy.  I should have followed suit, but foolishly did not.  I went out to lunch with a group of friends and not only did I eat the cheddar biscuit but I think I ate two.  I had a crab cake with salad which if that was all I had it would have been a good choice, but then I ate homemade potato chips with some kind of onion dip.  It was a birthday after all so the whole table had chocolate molten cake with rhubarb ice cream which sounds like a perfectly horrible combination but it was exquisite.  Then the waiter brought the birthday cake with the candle.


That was enough food for the whole day but the birthday continued through dinner out with my family.  I started with a tuna and salmon tartare duo.  That should have been the end.  It was tuna with beets and salmon with radishes and they were delicious.  But then since it was my birthday and it is the season I had soft shell crabs.  I think this was considered the birthday of crabs.  Two desserts followed the main again, one ordered for the table and then the surprise, it’s-your-birthday one the waiter brought.


I came home crawled into bed and felt sick to my stomach.  People ask me all the time if I feel better thinner and I say no.  Now I know I feel sicker eating like I used to.  I could hardly sleep.  I had terrible dreams.  I woke up still full.


Perhaps this birthday of over indulgence will serve me well and be a great reminder that not only should I not eat like that, but that I really can’t eat like that.  I’m off to a Derby Day party tonight and I know that I need to skip the food altogether since I’m still full from yesterday.  I only hope that I can sleep better tonight after only one day back on the wagon, but I fear my birthday binge is at least a two day payback.

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