Did I Eat?

If you lose your memory do you forget to eat?    In the last little bit I have talked to more people who have a loved one facing memory issues.  Not just the “Where the hell did I put my keys?” kinds of stuff, but the “I can’t remember how to get home” issues.   I learned of someone my age that has early onset of Alzheimer’s.  That is scary and sad stuff.


Keeping your brain in tip-top shape is hard work.  I remember when I first got out of college I felt that I was losing my basic math skills.  One day I was trying to do long division without a calculator and could not remember where the remainder went.  Are you kidding me?  I stopped using a calculator to balance my checkbook from then on.  I wonder how long it has been since I balanced a checkbook.  Maybe I better practice my long division again.


I justify spending time playing games like Mah Jongg and Bridge because they are reported to help keeping your brain working.  I don’t know if they keep your brain working or point out early on when your memory starts to go.  I played bridge for years with a friend who now has Alzheimer’s and the day she looked at me and asked me how much an ace was worth I knew she was in big trouble.


What I really need to know is if you start to lose your mind do you forget to eat and miss some meals or do you forget that you already ate and eat twice?  I know that some people who take Ambien get up and eat in their sleep with no memory of doing it.  I wonder if developing a memory issue is something like being on Ambien.


If the answer is that people end up eating more I am going to need to develop some kind of timer controlled locked refrigerator that keeps me out of it until the appointed time.  I am not really worried about forgetting to eat becoming a problem.  I think my naturally sluggish metabolism will adjust fine to fewer and fewer meals.  Maybe Tupperware can make giant seven-day meal containers along the lines of pillboxes.  We can have a weeks worth of food put in them and then we would know if we had eaten or not.


I am hopeful that the sharp-brained stock I come from will keep me protected from the serious forgetfulness, but there is no guarantee.  I went to write this blog today and cooked two different things to post and discovered after the fact that I had already written recipes just like them and posted them.  I think I need to play more Mah Jongg.

One Comment on “Did I Eat?”

  1. Patrick Fisher says:

    From experience with my Dad who has Alzheimer’s the answer is yes, you can forget to eat. He can have a big meal and half an hour later has forgotten that we ate and says he is hungry. Happens regular away, more days than not now.

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