You Don’t Let Your Dog Pee Inside

I ran into a friend the other day who after three or four years of vigilant healthy eating had fallen off the wagon and gained more than a few pounds.  Like the ole’ Carly Simon song goes, “You think this song is about you.”  I will tell you this story is about so many of us, so I am not writing just about you.

Dieting is a major issue in America.  Billions of dollars are made helping people lose weight.  Sure, most of us need help losing weight, but the real money could be made in helping people maintain that weight loss.

I have to think about eating good food like owning a dog.  I have to pay attention to it everyday.  There is no “Day-off” from either walking a dog or eating right.  The benefits are great, but the work is always there.  You can’t say to your dog, “I don’t feel like taking you out in the rain, so I will just let you pee in the house.”  One day you live in a nice clean house and the next you are hold up in a s#$@ hole.  Talking a day off from being vigilant about good eating can have similar effects.

The problem is you are much more likely to recognize you need to do something about your dog defecating in the house than you are about not reaching for another thin mint cookie.  Naturally thin people I have known have said things to me in the past like, “Now that you have lost weight, you won’t have to do that again.”   Whoa, whoa, whoa.  It is always there.  I don’t think I know many people who at one time or another don’t fall off the wagon, but why?  And it’s not just falling off the wagon, but staying off and being dragged behind it for a while.

For some reason, getting out of control with eating can happen fast.  There are a lot of human emotions involved; denial –I can eat this and not gain weight, deserving — I have not eaten any pasta in a coon’s age, exhaustion – I’m tired about thinking about eating the good for me foods, amnesia – I used to know what to eat that helped me lose weight, but I can’t seem to remember right now.

It takes time and usually a good number of refound once previously lost pounds before people regain control.  What is the answer to this problem?  Stay vigilant to your commitment to eat right everyday.  If you slip up at one meal, or one minute, recognize it and stop it then.  Never let one bad bite make you give up on a whole day, week or month.  We all have moments of poor choices, but make sure they are just moments.

Enlist the help of others.  Confession at least keeps you from hiding your problem. One reason I write this blog everyday is not just to make you laugh, but to help me keep my commitment to better eating.  Sure, some days I have nothing much to write about and it would be easy to skip a day, but that could lead to my taking an eye off the eating ball.  One day of not writing could lead to one day of some French fries and then three weeks later I’m on up side of the scale.

If you think this song is about you, ask for help. Recommit.  You did not forget about how to lose weight you just need some guidance to get back on your best path.  I will never forget one of the best phrases I learned at Weight Watchers years ago that applies to any weight control program, “Show up, pay attention, ask questions, don’t quit.”  It does not matter what happened yesterday.  Let’s work on what we can do better just today and again tomorrow.

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