Tapping to Thinness?

Have you ever seen a person out in public tapping on their face or collarbone or underarms?  Neither have I.  But it is a stress relieving technique that was brought to my attention called EFT which does not stand for Electronic Funds transfer as I have known that acronym, but Emotional Freedom Techniques.


According to EFT Universe, the largest EFT website in the Universe, this technique was developed using Cognitive and Exposure Therapy combined with acupressure and is good for helping people with over 30 different problems from ADD, allergies, carpel tunnel, phobias, sports anxiety to weight loss.  From the little I have learned, it involves tapping on the acupressure points and talking yourself out of what ails you.  Your pressure points are places like your temples, besides the outside of your eye, the bone under your eye, the place between your nose and mouth and the center of your chin.


I have no personal experience with this method and since it is simple and free I can’t call it snake oil because I don’t know who is benefitting from promoting it.  The way you do it for weight loss is if you have a food you crave you are supposed to smell it and then start this tapping process on eight places on your body, tapping each place ten to fifteen times saying all the while, “Even though I deeply crave this (fill in the blank, let’s say brownie), I deeply and completely accept myself.”


Then tap, tap tap.  Smell the brownie again and if you still crave it, do the tap-talking again.  Still crave, tap-talk.  Hell, if I had a brownie in front of me and I was smelling it I am sure I could tap on the side of my face with one hand and lift the brownie to my mouth with the other hand.  If I was supposed to be tapping with two hands I easily could bend my face down to the brownie on a plate and take a bite handless.


Maybe this technique is supposed to help with future brownie encounters and somehow if I meet one on the street I am just supposed to tap my pressure points and I will somehow lose my desire to take a bite, but that seems just too simple for me.  I think that by doing this smelling-tap-talking I would probably actually sensitize myself to want a brownie anytime I accidentally tapped one of these pressure points.


Maybe people who are prone to being hypnotized could have success with Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Somehow I just don’t see that I am one of them.  I think that the best EFT stress reliever for me is still Electronic Funds Transfers, as long as they were transfers into my bank account and not out.  As for brownie cravings, my best defense is steering clear and definitely not smelling them.

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