The right “W’ word is WORK not WAIT

A friend called me this morning lamenting her surprise loss in the Powerball lottery.  She obviously did not read my post from a few days ago “Winning the lottery won’t make you any thinner” since she is already thin she must have thought it did not apply to her.


She went on to say, “Well, good things come to those who wait.”  After consoling her, in my “you will think twice about asking for sympathy from me again way,” we hung up and I got to thinking about that advice about “waiting” for good things to come.  I know that it is just a consolation for those who have been disappointed, but it certainly is bad advice.


I am here today to suggest we change the expression to “Good things come to those who work.”  I don’t think that encouraging the passive life of waiting is going to get most people to a goal they are hoping to reach.  The only way to increase your odds of winning is to work at something.


I have a number of close relatives who have been working incredibly hard and it is paying off for them.  No luck or waiting around was involved, just kept their noses to their respective grindstones, to coin another cliché.


The same is true for losing weight.  I have had a couple of people who don’t know me well or see me often recently run into me and ask me how in the world I lost weight.  I tell them I just work at it everyday and they look at me like I am keeping some secret of national importance from them.  Surely I have had an operation or am taking some experimental drug or whisper worthy, worse, I am actually sick an am not trying to lose weight.


Nothing as tragic or exciting as any of those things, just work.  But work is satisfying for itself not just for reaching a goal you might have set.  So my advice for today, the day you did not win the lottery, is don’t just wait for good things to happen make them happen by working at it.  Not only are you a lot more likely to succeed, you will appreciate it so much more when you do.  You need to stop reading my platitudes; we’ve got work to get done.

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