Caffeine Free Hot Drinks


One of the drawbacks about losing weight is that I am much colder these days.  I some how have avoided middle-aged hot flash season so far, but now that I have written that I am sure they will begin soon.  I would welcome a little self-created heat because I really don’t want to wear gloves indoors.  One thing I find that does help is drinking hot drinks.  Not only do they warm the inside of me, but I get to warm my freezing hands on the mug.


I am not a black coffee drinker, wish I were. I really try to limit coffee because it is not calorie free after I add milk and sweetener, which I also try and limit so the my brain does not get into the “I wants sweets” mode that even sweet ‘n low can bring on.


Caffeine after 2:00 in the afternoon can also back fire on me.  So that leaves me with herbal teas.  Yes, I will drink them, but they always seem a little wimpy in the flavor department so I am not running to the tea cabinet in the afternoon.


What I really want is something hot, no caffeine, no calories and big flavor so it is satisfying, almost like actually eating something.  My favorite hot drink that fills all these requirements is hot ginger/lemon water.  I drop a knob of peeled ginger root in a teapot with half a squeezed lemon and pour boiling water over it.  I let it sit for at least 10 minutes so that the ginger can let lose its essence in the water.  I pour the mixture in a mug and then zap it in the microwave to bring it back up to really hot. I add a tiny amount of Splenda, to just cut the sourness of the lemon a little, but not enough to spike my brain with some sweet craving.   The best part is that the knob of ginger is good for a couple of pots of hot water before it is spent of its entire spicy flavor.


Sometimes if I think I am hungry I drink a mug or two of hot ginger water and it seems to fill me up and provide enough actual taste that my mouth feels like it had chewed something.  Tricking my brain into thinking it had food is my constant goal.  I certainly have enough reserves to live on, which I want my body to go ahead and use up without going into some starvation panic and start becoming more efficient.  Ginger has been used since the dawning of time to settle stomachs so maybe it makes my stomach happy and therefore makes me happy.  Who knows? It is just another tool in the bag of diet tricks — anything to go another day without a cookie.

One Comment on “Caffeine Free Hot Drinks”

  1. you are doing so great! btw – the lemon/ginger is a cleanse for liver and thusly supports your bod. I feel you on the heat via hot liquids. i like the berry teas. hugs to you.

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