The Secret to Diet Success is a Four Letter Word

When anyone asks me what the secret is to losing any amount of weight I tell him or her it is a four-letter word.  For those of you who know me, you know I know a lot of four letter words which I use often and with gusto, but none more than the “S” word.  Before you think laxatives are involved the word is “S-O-U-P.”

That fact has not been evident during the last few months in the blog because soup is not most people’s go to food in the warm weather, but as the days are growing shorter, (Can you grow shorter?) and our part of the world has less light you need to add more soup to your meals.

Not all soups are equal so don’t get excited about jumping into a big bowl of broccoli cheese or New England clam chowder, that is unless that is all you are planning on having.  I am talking about broth based, mostly vegetable soups or creamy ones made with fat free condensed milk.  My strategy is that as long as I have one or two homemade soups in the fridge I have the best defense against hunger.

Starting a meal with a small cup of hot soup or having one as a four-in-the-afternoon-I-think-I-need-a-cookie deterrent some how sends a message to your brain that you have had real food and tends to turn off or at least down the hunger pangs that seem to attack you like “Twilight” wolves.

Making homemade soup is so easy, but if you really don’t want to cook you can use canned, just get the ones that are lower in calories and make sure you know what the serving size of the can is.  It is easy to read the calorie amount and only after you ate the whole thing find out you just ate three servings.

In the spirit of teaching you not just my recipes, but how to think like a chef and try and make things up I am going to post three or four different kinds of soups over the next couple of weeks with notes on making variations to them.

As the eating holidays are approaching having soup around is your best weapon to party food.  No matter what kind of event I am going to I have a cup of soup at home before I go and then I am much less tempted by the “This holiday only comes around once a year” food being pushed my way.

So save yourself from those four letter words that come out of your mouth when you stand on the scale and stock up on SOUP.

One Comment on “The Secret to Diet Success is a Four Letter Word”

  1. Nickie says:

    I just sat down with a hot cup of tomato soup to read my email. I loved this posting. I eat soup just about every day, even in warm weather. I totally agree!!

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