The Day After

Yesterday was e-mail hell and heaven all in one.  The hell part was that I had to send out almost 250 personalized e-mails to all you generous supporters who pledged to the campaign.  I hope most of you did not feel like I was sending you a bill.  I am truly appreciative of how generous you are.

Yesterday was taken up by meeting with a friend to ask them for money for something else, writing my blog which took extra long because I had to figure out how to put all my pictures in side-by-side so you could see a change, going to workout and then spending over seven hours sending out the “end of campaign” e-mails.  In between I read so many kind messages from so many of you.  Please forgive me if it takes me a while to respond to you all.

Today I went to visit my Uncle who has been undergoing cancer treatment.  I had a wonderful visit with him and had a bowl of soup with he and my Aunt.  On my way home I was hungry.  I pulled into the McDonalds and although a cheeseburger sounded really good I ordered a cup of coffee at the drive through and went on down the road.  I felt a little triumphant at that moment.  I was alone in the car, with a good 45-minute drive ahead of me and my weigh in tomorrow would not count for anyone except me.  I made the right choice and I did it just for me.

I was rewarded when I pulled into the parking lot at Carter’s school.  When she got in the car she told me how a substitute teacher at school today, who is not someone who was one of my supporters or a registered follower of my blog, called her name in the role stopped when Carter said, “here.”  Carter said that the sub then said, “Class, did you know that Carter’s mom just lost 53 pounds.”

I looked at Carter and said, “Sorry, was that embarrassing?”   She looked right at me and said,  “No, Mom.  I am proud of you.”  It was a little slice of heaven for the mother of a thirteen year old.

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