The Scale is Your Friend – No Matter What It Says

When I was a kid we had the kind of bathroom scale most people had.   It had a dial of numbers and a little black line in the window.  When you stood on it the number circle would spin to the right and then sometimes swing back to the left a little until it settled on the final tally.  Sometimes you could switch your stance and make the dial back down a pound or two.


The other feature of this scale was the adjustment dial.  It was a little finger wheel you could roll to make sure that the black line was right on zero before you stood on the scale.  Although I know this was to help make sure it was accurate, it also caused some doubt in my mind as to the validity of its measuring capability.  My thinking went, if I have to tell the scale where zero is, then how can I be certain it is telling me exactly what I weigh.  A built in excuse.


There was one thing about our family’s childhood scale which I am certain was unique to ours.  Written in red nail polish, right on the dial above the numbers was the number 115 in one inch digits.  This was the number my mother was always looking for.


I have a very skinny mother and I think that the 115 written right on the scale was an excellent reminder of what her goal was.  I think that now, but as a younger person I could not imagine how she could not remember what the goal was without having it flash red at her everyday.


This morning at 2:00 AM my thirteen year-old daughter called me from Vancouver.  She was two legs down on a four-leg trip home from Taiwan and I had not talked with her for the last three weeks while she was away at Chinese school living with a family I do not know.  Normally I am not happy to be awoken from my sleep at any hour, but last night I was thrilled.


After talking for 20 minutes she had to get on her next flight leaving me home wide awake, so excited thinking about seeing her today.  Since I was up I did my normal morning routine.  I got on the scale as I do everyday.  My scale today is so much more reliable than the one of my childhood.  Giving my weight down to the tenth of a pound with no ability for me to adjust it either by finger wheel or shifting stance.


As I stood on the scale I was horrified that I was up a pound and a half.  But was I?  What exactly was yesterday’s number?  It was not written in red nail polish on the scale for comparison purposes.


I decided I should force myself to go back to sleep since I had twelve hours to kill until we got to go to the airport.  Sleep worked to pass the time and shed the pounds my body was using to keep me alive through the night.  When I awoke at a more reasonable time this morning I went back to the scale.  The same number as the morning before.  Not down, as I would like it to be, but not up.


For me I know that I don’t lose weight evenly.  I can go a week of good eating and exercise and not lose a pound, but then the next week lose 4 on the same regimen.  Oh the joys of hormones.


What I do know is that weighing myself everyday is important for me.  You would think I could have learned that earlier from my mother.  The scale is the only true way to know how I am doing.  Clothes stretch upon wearing and shrink upon washing, husbands who love you are not good recognizers of your actual weight, great friends are good liars, only your scale will tell you the truth.

One Comment on “The Scale is Your Friend – No Matter What It Says”

  1. Divermomma says:

    No truer words were spoken! But instill have one
    with the wheel…for low self esteem days!

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