It’s Hot…Let’s Run?

Let’s face it, global warming is here today and it’s been here for the last couple of months.  This morning while walking my dog it was already 91 degrees with a “feels like” temp of 101 according to the “weather bug” on my phone.  I wish that I could input my weight and activity level to come up with a real “feels like” temp.

Shay Shay, our chocolate labradoodle is not much on hot weather.  She stares at me as I drag her down the street with a look that says, “For god’s sake, why did we leave the air conditioning?”  She certainly does not subscribe to the phrase the “dog days of summer.”

While walking the dog, trying to get in a little exercise before the weather wins claim on the outdoors I was passed by at least 4 different women, two on bikes and two on foot who have not heard that the Olympic trails are over.  There might have been more who passed me, but I did blink once or twice.

One woman ran by me so fast that the hair on her ponytail slapped me in the face and almost cut my old dry skin.  Of course she said a big ‘ole hello as she sprinted by.  Another, well-past-the-middle aged woman rode her bike up the long hill of my street standing up while peddling, passing a car that was going in the same direction at the 25 mile per hour speed limit.

God Bless these Amazonian athletes who are unfazed by heat or hormones.  I am not one of these women.  Sport for me is taking a good friend’s quarters at Mah Jongg.  Perhaps throw in a little badminton or my new found game of Pe’tanque, the French version of Boulles.  I like a game that you can play with an iced tea in your hand.

Before any of you write me about the benefits of exercise let me tell you that I know.  I spend my time working out with my friend Amy under the eagle eye of our trainer Tom at Empower.

I have been through three different gyms with Tom and he is just who I need to keep me laughing even as my face is turning white, which he told me on Monday was just the precursor to throwing up from working out too hard.  I told him that I already knew I was about to throw up unless I stopped trying to lift my body off the ground with one arm.

The great thing is Tom knows I don’t run and never will, so he finds other ways to keep me moving.  My new favorite is boxing.  Getting to hit someone with out my mother screaming at me from the other room to stop is a childhood dream come true.

As the Olympics are just about to over take the world’s attention I know many people may be inspired to go out and try a new sport.  I think I will pay extra attention to archery.  Being good at standing still is a bonus in that sport.

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