Things That Made Me Mad Today and Why Do They Make Me Want Cheese?

For the most part I had a pretty good day.  I had my first one-on-one meeting as the new Board Chair of the Food Bank with our CEO, Peter, which was very positive.  I won some great hands in Mah Jongg.  Was able to move Carter hither and yon to riding camp were she is a counselor, a friend’s house and a baby sitting job all while fitting in an annual exam at the Vet’s for Shay Shay and a visit to the dog groomer.


I ate my regular high protein Special-K with raspberries for breakfast and the “Dana Lange salad” at the club for lunch so I was on track for an excellent day of healthy eating.


Despite all this positive news just a few little things can really throw a wrench in a day and make me want to eat a huge hunk of fresh mozzarella.  Why is that?


I know that when I describe these very little things that made me so MAD, you will begin to question my sanity.  That is of course unless you have greatly fluctuating estrogen levels, which might actually be the cause of my “rage and crave.”


The first incident was the discovery that all but one of my sweet potato plants that I had been lovingly cultivating in my garden for two months had been stripped of all their leaves by some plant loving varmint that I would like to catch and boil in a pot in the back yard, Fatal Attraction style.  There on the brown dry earth of the garden were long vines with naked stems sticking off of them.


The second incident came just a half an hour later and was even more insignificant, but seemed to push me right to the edge.  While printing out all of Carter’s back to school lists for supplies and books an error message come up on my computer announcing the need for me to physically get off my butt and go downstairs to the printer to attend to it’s needs.  I assumed it was out of paper or was jammed up in some way, but nooooo!  The message on the minute little screen I have to find reading glasses to decipher read, “Pink cartridge ink out of date.”  Are you F#*&ing kidding me?  HP already only puts 14 pages worth of ink in any of the 5 different color inks you must buy, but now you mean I have not printed enough Pink S#*t to use my ink up in the allotted 47 days before it goes bad.  Who ever heard of ink going bad?  This was a new low.


My body immediately said, “Give me cheese.”  I went to the kitchen, but I stopped.  I was able to keep my hand away from the refrigerator door.  Instead I went back to the computer and started writing this blog.   God taught me two lessons.  One, I don’t have to let hormones, or my lack of control of them push me over the edge into a formage filled world and two there is always a diet lesson everyday as long as your eyes are open and need something to blog about.

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