Cooking As Sport

As I child I was never very good at sports.  I swam on the club swim team and could ice skate on our pond, but other than that I did not participate in any organized teams.  It just was not the thing to do in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The thought of my mother driving me to an after school activity or worse yet, watching a game where I sat on the bench was just unheard of, which was really too bad since my mother loves to watch sports


The good news was my youngest sister Janet was a real jock and by the time she came along my mother had more time to take her hither and yon to tennis, basketball and skiing.  It was also more satisfying for my mother because Janet was a superior athlete to watch with pride.


I was born about 30 years too soon because now a days cooking has become competitive.  Think about how many TV show there are with cooking competitions on them, Chopped, Top Chef, Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef, The Next Food Network Star and on and on.  When one of these shows is on in our kitchen my daughter often says, “Mom, you should be on that show.”  What nirvana that is for a mother to hear from her 13 year old.


Cooking has become akin to a sport.  Chefs are almost super heroes.  Bobby Flay is today’s Joe Namath.  The best thing is that to be a great cook you do not have to be born with any particular genetic advantage.  Being tall or strong does not help you produce a better soufflé.


The best part about being a good cook is it is the one skill you will use everyday of your whole life.  Before I was married my friends used to say that whomever I married was going to be very lucky because I could cook.  Amazingly enough my husband asked me to marry him before I ever cooked him a single meal.  In fact he proposed in the parking lot of the ACME supermarket as we were going in to buy groceries for dinner.


Although it was not the most traditional place to be proposed to, it was probably the most appropriate for me and he did not even know it.  I can report that after I said yes, I asked him if we should at least tell the produce manager in the hopes of getting a celebratory free tomato.


So if you are not a great sportsman, nor a great cook, just wait a few years.  Something new will emerge as the next competitive activity.  For all you great laundry folders, your day is coming.

4 Comments on “Cooking As Sport”

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Cooking is just like sports — there’s always room for improvement, and the options are endless. Great blog!

  2. Demetra says:

    How did I miss reading this one! My Mother would be the first to enter me in the “scrubbing” contest. She stares at me in disbelief when she watches me clean my kitchen, and mumbles something about being just like my father. Having lost him 5 years ago, this “dig” makes us both smile.

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