I’m Fat Because I Can’t Fly

While at my friend Jan’s house in Texas I had a lot of time to watch the millions of sea birds that live on the gulf because her house is right on water.  All day giant pelicans and ring necked gulls would fly over her deck.  Every once in a while you would here a big splash as a pelican would dive bomb into the water to gulp up a mouth full of food.


As I watched it occurred to me that those birds only job was to look for, catch and eat food.  Once in a while they make new birds, but how much time could that take?  They never go to the movies or have to wait in line at the DMV and outside of an annoying mate they don’t have a boss.


I’m sure I’m over simplifying things, so before all you ornithologist write me to report the complicated social order of birds and that they live in highly sophisticated groups, just stop and really boil it down.  What the hell does a bird do 90% of their time?  Look for food.


That is the problem with humans now.  We hardly have to spend any time looking for food.  It is all around us.  Now we do have to come up with money to buy it and some of us actually grow it and cook it, but if you have money you can have food.


Trying to eat less food and more healthy food is making me much more like a bird.  I spend almost all my time looking for, growing, cooking or eating better for me food.  Now I also spend time photographing it, writing about it and reading about it.  The main bird characteristic I am not doing is I am not getting lots of exercise flying around trying to find it.  If only I could fly?  I might be as light as a sparrow.

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