Blueberry Basil Greek Yogurt Dessert

Growing up in Wilton, Connecticut we lived in what was considered the boonies.  The closest grocery store was at least fifteen minutes away and there were no restaurants except for a Friendly’s ice cream shop.    Actually, we lived equal distance between the Wilton Friendly’s and the Ridgefield Friendly’s, but we rarely got to visit them.  My skinny mother did not believe in desserts.   Except on Sunday nights after two of the three daughters had gone to bed.  Well, actually she never believed in desserts, but my father had a way of breaking her down.  After a weekend of hard 1970’s partying he would crave something sweet and she would succumb to his temptations.

So usually sometime around 9:30, while I was watching TV in the family room I would hear my father’s bright yellow VW Scirocco tear down our long gravel driveway like a rocket headed for Friendly’s.  I would have to go to bed before he made the 45 minute round trip, arriving home with two half gallons of hand packed ice cream, one always Butter Pecan, my mother’s favorite and some chocolate concoction like Jamocha Almond Fudge for my father.  My father, never one to live small, always gilded the lily with a pint of hot fudge sauce.

My sisters and I always found the evidence of the forbidden dessert on Monday morning when we opened the freezer to get a can of Minute Maid tangerine juice out of the freezer, but amazingly by the time we returned home from school the contraband dessert was AWOL.  My mother’s guilt over having ice cream caused her to throw away the devil’s due.

Having spent the day at school hoping to get ice cream for our afternoon snack my sisters and I got good at making desserts from things people don’t usually consider dessert.  Grapes, sour cream and brown sugar was a favorite, but cinnamon toast with a huge amount of butter soaked cinnamon sugar on top was practically on par with birthday cake.

Today’s recipe is something along the lines of a Carter girl dessert concoction.  It’s simple, and actually quite good in the best of summer ways.

1 cup of fresh blueberries

4 Basil leaves –chiffonade

3 heaping tablespoons Greek Yogurt

½ t. honey

Sprinkle of crystallized Ginger

Mix it all together; eat pretending it is ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

2 Comments on “Blueberry Basil Greek Yogurt Dessert”

  1. Jean says:

    That sounds ambrosial to me! (Although ice cream with hot fudge sauce is always a welcome indulgence…)

  2. Demetra says:

    Greek Yogurt = heaven!!! My Daddy was a supreme yogurt making master, along with one of my favorite Yiayia’s when I was growing up (Mrs. Markos). When Greek Yogurt became popular a few years ago, I thought Mrs. Markos had returned from heaven to share her recipe with the FAGE company. Even Daddy agreed. Great recipes my friend.

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