Is Multi-Tasking the Right Way to Go?

Today was a day of many meetings which meant mostly sitting or driving between sitting. Since I still don’t have a self peddle car even the driving meant more sitting. Because I started tracking my steps and trying to get at least 10,000 a day I have become keenly aware of how many things I like to do sitting down.

First on the list is eating and since eating while walking is not easy to do while having a salad I am going to have to continue sitting for that lest I chip a tooth with my fork. The second big sit-down is writing. In desperation I am writing on my I-Pad now while walking inside my house. This is very slow, but I am in need of both words and steps. I am not planning on doing this everyday.

My third favorite thing is needle pointing. Today I was almost finished with a cute squirrel ornament I was working on, but had run out of background color. I had a short window in my day between meetings so I dropped into my favorite local needlepoint store, Chapel Hill Needlepoint and a few of my regular stitching gang was sitting at the table working. Since they are regular blog followers they wanted to know how many step I had done today. It was pitiful to report that I was only up to 5,400 with a busy day still ahead of me.

I decided it was time to see if I could walk and needlepoint at the same time. I was only working on background which makes for easy work and the lighting is excellent in the store. So stitch, walk, visit, talk, tell stories and answer a question or two from customers who did not know me but thought I must work there otherwise why was I walking around the store so much, I did. My friend Annie captured me on my loop around the table.

Now I know my needlepoint was slower as was my walking, but I had less guilt and more fun. Unfortunately most of my needlepoint projects require a little more attention than I can give them while walking. I already needlepoint while playing Mah Jongg and I’m sure I’ve let a few winning hands go by because of it. So is it better to multi-task and be slightly slower or less adept at something or is it better to concentrate on one thing at a time? I think that since I am walking and writing at the same time right now I can not also add thinking about great philosophical questions to my multi-tasking.


Writing, Writing, Writing



All of a sudden all my writing assignments are upon me.  Well I am sure they were upon me long ago, but the deadlines are all hitting and I am guilty of poorly managing my workload once again.


I agreed to go back to work at Durham Magazine and do a monthly column on people who are making a difference in Durham.  I heard rumor today at church that my first issue back at work is out.  I did a story on Kenzie Brannon, a man who could show us all how to have a happy and successful retirement where you just don’t stop moving.  Pick up the magazine and read it.


Well that assignment was written a month ago and today I had to write the next installment.  It is a story about Pat Nathan who started Dress for Success in the triangle and she is a powerhouse with one hell of a story.  You will have to wait for the October Issue of Durham Magazine to read all about her.


I am looking for other inspirational people in Durham so if you know of any or just have heard of any please let me know.  The crazier and wilder the better.  Color, color, color, that’s what I like, well color with some heart.  It never hurts to make people cry too.


So today I wrote my article and now this blog.  I have a speech for 700 people at the Food Bank Sort-a-Rama for Wednesday and I am the Master of ceremonies.  Someone else has written it, but I have to make it my own.  I have to introduce the Governor of NC at this event, while wearing an orange “hunger action month” t-shirt, my worst color, so I better not mess this up because I am already not going to be looking my best.


I have the horticulture report for Garden club Tuesday, six thank you notes for the various nice parties and football games wonderful people have invited us to and a ghost writing assignment for someone else.  That’s a secret, so not only do I have to write it, but also I have to make it sound like someone else and not like me.  Why in the world did I think I could sound like someone else — that will make it take twice as long?


All this being said and I still don’t feel like I am a writer.  This will be my 489 blog posting in 489 days.  I have not missed a day and I guess I really should celebrate at 500 days like any normal person would, but something else big might happen that day that I want to write.


I don’t know what it is about saying I am a writer that does not jive with me.  I had no problem in my life saying I was something else before I ever learned how to be it.  Like I said I was a caterer and even got business cards that said I was before anyone would actually have considered me a caterer.  Same was true when I became a sales and marketing consultant. I was hired as an Editor and they gave me cards so then I was an editor.  No actual experience required.  So what is it about saying I am a writer?  Maybe I just need the business cards.  Not that I would ever have to give them to anyone, but if in my wallet in the back slot where I keep my Belk Bra and Panty Club card I had a little card that just said, Dana – Writer, then maybe I would feel comfortable saying, “Hi, I’m Dana.  I’m a writer.”