Memorial Day to Remember



I know today is Memorial Day and really I should be spending time being thankful for those who made great sacrifices for the freedom I enjoy, but somehow today’s theme was more like I-wonder-how-I-get-in-these-positions.  The day started off great with a little sleeping-in which was much welcomed after staying up late last night watching the season finale of Smash and then Mad Men followed by some of the completely outrageous Behind the Candelabra.  I fell asleep sometime after Liberace’s face-lift and am going to have to pick it up from there tonight.


I think that I paid for all that TV decadence with my actives today.  Carter wanted to go riding and needed to have an adult there to watch in case of emergency.  The horse Carter is showing next weekend is a thorough bred named Maggie who is apparently a little too fast and wild for most other riders so her trainer likes to get Carter on her as much as possible to help school her.  The part about being fast and wild is scary for a mother to watch, but luckily Carter only went off her once in a fairly good roll.


I brought Shay to the barn so she and I watched Carter ride together.  Shay is more okay with horses than I am except when they get too close.  After Carter untacked Maggie she asked if I could hold the lead while she took the saddle back to the barn.  Shay was none to happy about that so she jumped into my lap and Maggie decided that gave her an even better view of the two of us.  IT was not my favorite position to be in.


After riding it was time for me to make my appearance at our club for my dunk tank performance.  This weekend is the grand opening of our new pool, which was a huge success.  The place was packed and everyone from grandmother to toddlers seemed to be having a big time.    Consequently there were plenty of people waiting for their chance to drop me in the tank of fairly disgusting water.  Although it was cold it was not unbearable.  I think that everyone got his or her money’s worth because it seemed easy to hit the target and drop me in.  Climbing back up on the seat was the hardest part of all. I certainly got my upper body workout for the day.  I must have gone in at least 30 times.  I owe the dunk tank experience to my dear friend Stephanie who convinced me to say yes when no other women would.


Being a person who says yes more than no does get me in some interesting predicaments.  But as my friends from college used to say as a dare, “What are you going to remember?”  I think I will remember this Memorial Day and maybe next year I will spend it remembering those who deserved to be remembered and not creating some folly of my own.

Come Dunk Me

A few months ago a friend who belongs to our neighborhood club asked me if I would be willing to be in a Dunking booth on Memorial Day to raise money to buy an outdoor movie projector.  Now I am always one for creative fund raising schemes so I said yes.


At the time I thought I would be one of many who would perch upon the unstable bench above a tank of water awaiting the baseballs being thrown at the tiny target. It is all in good fun, and I hate that we rent a projector to show outdoor movies so I was willing to join the team.  Come to find out that I am the only woman being dunked and there are only five other men.   To top it off, the weather has not been particularly warm so I am sure that the dunk tank water is going to be extra cold.


Now, I am beginning to wonder what I have gotten myself into.  Our club is opening a greatly anticipated new pool complex, which is replacing the forty-year-old versions that were ripped out over the winter.  Everybody I know is planning on coming up to the pool to celebrate.


My friend Lynn had wanted to take me new bathing suit shopping before the dunk tank and I said no I would just wear an old suit.  Now I am not only regretting not getting a new suit, but also not working out much harder in the last month and being more vigilant with my healthy eating.  Actually, at this point I wish I had a whole wet suit.


I am beginning to anticipate the screaming I will do while sitting on the bench.  The only thing that will possibly make this whole episode bearable is if I can raise more money that all the men.  My dunking time is Monday, Memorial Day at 2:30 at the Hope Valley Country Club.  It costs $5 for three balls or any donation larger than that. 


If you hate me come out and dunk me.  If you love me come out and dunk me.  If you love watching movies outdoors in the grass come out and dunk me.  Make this whole crazy thing worth my while and come out and dunk me.  I don’t think you even need to be a member of the club.  Just bring your money and take your turn.  The worst part is that I am at the end of the dunking time so I am going in after all those men have been dunked.  I hope they have not drunk a lot of beer before they sit on the bench.  All I can say is please pray for me and Happy Memorial Day!