Bourbon Mushrooms


Mushrooms are like the meat of the forest, as long as that forest does not have any deer, wild boars or squirrels and possum if you are one of the Clampets.  You know what I mean, mushrooms can be down right meaty.  There is nothing better than Bourbon and meat and mushrooms go perfectly with that truly American elixir.


To top it off what is better than a two-ingredient recipe?  OK, a one-ingredient recipe.  (Just remember that Pam, salt and pepper don’t count in my mind because they are like the air of cooking, you can’t live without them.)


1 lb of Mushrooms

2 T. Bourbon


Spray a non-stick fry pan with Pam.  Put on medium high heat and place whole mushrooms in pan in one layer cook for five minute uncovered then cover and cook another five minutes.  Flip the mushrooms over and cover, continue cooking for five minutes.  Uncover and add bourbon and cook uncovered until all the liquid is out of the pan and the mushrooms are a golden brown color.  Sprinkle with course salt and pepper.


I am having them in an arugula salad with a little blue cheese and grilled salmon.