Facebook Ads are Stalking Me

I wonder how much weight I have to lose for Facebook to stop making all the ads they post on my page about weight loss?  Granted I write a diet blog but I am not interested in what Dr. Oz says about dieting or how green coffee works to speed up your metabolism.

My trainer Tom told me a story about a diet pill manufacture that came to his University and hired a bunch of cute, in shape college athletes.  They took their pictures and then asked them to gain 25 pounds each and then took their pictures again.  Afterwards they gave them the weight loss pills and said good luck losing weight.  They never came back and took their pictures again and never inquired if they lost the weight.  When the ads came out the girls before pictures became their after shots.

One ad on Facebook appears to not have even gone to that much trouble.  They just stretched the picture sideways.  In the time it has taken me to write this the weight loss ads have changed three times on my page and none are believable.  I know that everyone wants a simple answer or to be able to just buy a thinner body.  I wish I had something to sell.  Think how many hungry people I could feed with the ill-gotten gains of promising a thinner body the quick and easy way.

Well I have nothing to sell, but I do have advice.  If you need to lose weight, you have to really want to do it because, and I have said this before, it starts in your brain.   Your brain has to make the commitment, first and foremost.  Trust me, losing weight is exciting and sexy.  Maintaining weight loss is the real job.

Any diet will help you get pounds off, but you need to find something you can live on to keep it off.  If you do something like Jenny Craig where someone else is making your food and portioning it out and that is all you eat you will lose weight.  Unless you plan on buying that food the rest of your life you eventually will need to learn what you can eat and not gain.

It is the same with going the surgery route.  You may make your stomach smaller, but you still need to change what you are eating.  You need to eat a healthy balanced diet so you might as well go ahead and try and do that before you have surgery.  You may find you can do it without going under the knife.  I do know people who changed their eating because of the surgery, but I am just not fond of unnecessary hospitalization, there are just too many things that kill people at the hospital.

I guess as long as I write about dieting I am destined to ads for “Three veggies for belly fat” and “the live healthy woman.”  What is the alternative, “The dead healthy woman?” The only good news is that at least I am not inundated with political advertisements and that is great for the next four days.