Things I Can and Can’t Do While Walking

Today is day four in the 10,000-step commitment.  It is harder than I thought to make sure that I get all those steps in.  I find myself trying to do more and more things while standing up moving.  Some things are successful like dancing back and forth holding my glass in the icemaker, or reading all my e-mail on my phone while walking around and around my dining room table.  Some things are not successful, like needlepoint or writing my blog while walking.

Yesterday as I sat in church I thought that I could really get a lot of steps in if I were allowed to circle the perimeter of the pews while listening to the sermon, but being Presbyterian that would be highly frowned upon.  Today I had my regular appointment with my trainer so I did a little running on the treadmill before she had me lifting weights and doing lunges.  Yes, I got about 2,000 steps in before my workout but for the most part balancing on a bosu while holding dumbbells and then squatting got me no steps.

I also went back to Yoga class this morning.  It is amazing how little I move in Yoga and how hard it is.  So while I did an insane amount of exercise, especially for me, I still have only reached 7,125 steps by four this afternoon.  Sure I have lots of hours left to get that last bit in but I don’t really want to be running up and down my front walkway at 8:00 tonight like I was last night, especially since I have hardly played any Words with Friends and done not one stitch of needlepoint today.  Just thinking about getting my steps done is causing me anxiety, which I am sure, is not burning off any extra calories.

I wish I did not have so many things that require my use of a computer to do because I have tried to carry my laptop around with one arm while typing with one hand and I am a total failure at that.  First I tend to run into things and second I forget where my train of thought was going and I end up typing pure gibberish.  I tried writing on my phone but I do not text by the thumb method so I am very slow and the change in focus from looking through my reading glasses to just over them at the floor is giving me a big headache.

I have dragged my dog outside for more walks, but her need to stop and sniff and squat is frustrating to me.  Yes, I do a little dance while she is doing her business so technically I am getting some steps, but I know that I look like I have some disorder or just ants in my pants.  It’s not that I don’t want to get out and walk more, but how in the world am I going to get all my regular living done?  I’m leaving the computer now and am going to go run around the block before it gets dark and I get hit by a car.