Thank You Apple Maps

When I go anywhere that involves highway driving these days I use my maps app even if I know exactly where I am going. I don’t do it so that the app can tell me how to get to my destination. I do it so the app can alert me if there is a problem on the road.

Tonight I went to Greensboro to teach at Lesley Tuck’s house. It was a late class. She had invited me to spend the night, but since it was only an hours drive I declined and was just coming home after class.

As I was driving down I -40, talking on the phone to Russ, I said, “ I have to get off the phone, the map I showing a big red section of highway up ahead.”

At ten at night the only reason that the eight lane highway would be red is an accident. My app put up a big warning sign then added seven minutes to my trip. The good news was it was only seven minutes. At least that meant the highway was not completely closed.

Sure enough as soon as I reached the crest of the hill I could see many flashing lights. The three left hand lanes of the highway were blocked. Traffic slowed, but did not stop as we all merged right. I passed fire engines first that were blocking the lanes, then police cars, then a car that was totaled with people sitting on the road. At least they were alive. Further down the road more damaged cars and trucks. I am not exactly sure how many vehicles were involved.

It was a very bad accident. I am lucky I did not leave Lesley’s house 15 minutes earlier. I am also glad I had prior warning of the accident by the app because of the topography I would not have seen it coming as soon as I did.

Please be careful driving and use a Maps App when you can. This is one of the good things about crowd sourcing information. I am happy to have big brother alerting me to upcoming danger.

I did get home safe and sound. It just took me ten minutes longer.

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