The Busiest Time

April is my crazy month ever since I started teaching New Card Mah Jongg Classes. This month I am touring the state teaching my friends all the secrets to the new Mah Jongg card. Since my giant class is Thursday I had to finish my lessons. To make teaching the new card easier this year I created a power point presentation for the class. It took forever, but at over 60 slides long it covers a lot of information.

Between working on my slides, I made my big teaching Card for the year, planted some foxgloves, lupines, lantana and creeping Jeni I bought in Georgia, set the table for Easter lunch and prepped as much of the Easter feast as I could.

After chopping the mint from my garden to make mint sauce for the lamb I finally hit the wall and called it a night.

I almost forgot to practice my lector readings. Thank goodness being lector on Easter never includes lists of difficult names.

The one thing I did not do was look for a warmer Easter Dress. I am praying it is warmer tomorrow than it is today. I might have to wear a Christmas dress if the cold and rain keeps up.

Happy Easter to all the believers.

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