Waiting Out This Year

As I was packing up ornaments and wiping down tables I got a message from my dear friend Kar. Her 88 year old mother-in-law had fallen and bumped her head right before Christmas. Back and forth to and from the hospital in the Christmas storm they thought she was Ok, until she wasn’t. Kar’s husband made the dash north to be with her and got there before she passed away.

My friend Tom, who was my age, passed away earlier this month after complications from a hip replacement. His memorial service is weekend after this one. I just made “somebody died?” Fried chicken from my friend Michelle after she and her family returned from her father’s funeral after a sudden death. All three of these passings were very unexpected.

As a member of the funeral committee at church, I have made more cookie and sandwiches and served more punch this year than ever. I am ready for 2022 to be over.

For the last two days of the year I am going to lay low at home. Seems like if I give 2022 any more chances it might take it.

Feels like the world is due for a good year. How about some wars ending, and no political campaigns and a reduction in Covid. I don’t feel like it is asking too much. Well maybe a better economic situation and come calming of climate change. Mostly good health for those around me and their loved ones.

Please stay safe out there. We just don’t know how long we have together. I can’t make any more chicken in 2022.

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