Can’t Wait for the Holidays

Today was my last day of classes until the last day in November. I love the flexibility of my work to take off as much time around holidays as I want. I purposely only scheduled one class in December so I can fully enjoy my favorite time of year.

It seems like the holidays have snuck up on me. I have hardly bought any presents and I have not made a single one. I have some ideas, but haven’t fulfilled them. I am in search of good experiences to gift to people on my list, as opposed to more stuff.

There are four main entertaining events I am hosting and I have made a couple of lose menus. Thankfully Carter has volunteered to make the Thanksgiving menu and wants to help with the cooking. I need to clean out the freezers to make room for food for parties.

Thanksgiving is as early as it can be this year which means we have a whole week after turkey day before December first arrives and the parties begin in earnest.

Before any of the party food can be made, the big thing that must happen is decorating my house. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned and non-holiday decorative items must be put way to make room for the sparkle. I can hardly wait.

Last year there were very few parties. All of my family got Covid over the whole 12 days of Christmas. This year must be better. Wishing for a healthy holiday season, with a few parties and a lot of happiness.

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